Shellback & Pollwog Pictures Page 3
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Equator Crossing of 14 March 1964 "I was there"

Crossing 64.
-------------------THE POLLYWOGS--------------
Front row sitting L to R Ed Zhilman, Floyd Lewis, Gary Espenship, Joe Warner and Jerry Iori
Middle Row: George DiDomenico, Dave Baxter(partially hidden), Rick Healey, Ed Stavinoha, Bill Tamiso,
Garry Tarlowitz, Danny Womak, John D'Elisa and Charlie Taylor
Back Row: Ron Chase, John Hughes, Sam Blair, Carl Knudson, Rick Calder, Gene Talbot(partially hidden),
Jim Karwois, Carl Cox, Barry Huss, George Fontain, George Alexander, Gene Cain, Ralph Ramsey, and Tom Harwell.
Thanks to Charlie "Chuck" Taylor for all the names.

Crossing 64
Chief Joe Pica reading the Charges..--------------->
Crossing 64
<-------------Left to Right Ramsey, Johnson and Cain.
Crossing 64
Cliff Mincheff
Crossing 64
<---------------------The "Chute".
Crossing 64
Dave Maberry------------------------->
Crossing 64
<----------------------------The Chute again
Crossing 64
Walt Luniewske on the Hose.----------------------->
Crossing 64
<---------------------------------This Stinks.
Crossing 64
Tamiso ???????????---------------------------->
Crossing 64
<-----------------------------Andy Johnson after "The Chute".
Crossing 64
Andy Johnson one more time..---------------------------->
Crossing 64
<-------------------------Feels so Goooooooood!!!!!!!!
Crossing 64
"CENSORED" Rick Healy.------------------------------>

Shellbacks & Pollywogs Page 4 is also from 14 March 1964